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  1. Mary Jarrett says:

    Our 14 and a half year old golden retriever has been given Elastin treats since I boSght some at a dog event recently. she loves them, they agree with her, they are easy to break in half, though size is great anyway, and our old dog seems much freer in her mobility.
    So, I am ordering some more, This is quite a find – I love the naturalness of the product, too. Thank you so much.

    • Akinyemi says:

      Beautiful animals! How lucky your frined is to have you to catsit. We swap pet-sitting services with our neighbor, which is a major relief over using a kennel. We had a black cat (RIP Paco). He was much smarter than our pug, Zoe. A definite Garfield and Odie situation. Paco would clean Zoe’s face wrinkles daily Zoe always sat still enjoying the cleaning session, but with her ears back because she knew how the sessions usually ended with Paco giving her one slap on the face as if to say, Take that, you dirty dog. They got along great.That’s a wonderful little scene there Allison, thank you! I’ve always liked to think that when the lion lays down with the dog it’s a sign of a peaceful home. Even if it doesn’t always end well. Cats always seem smarted don’t they? Even when they’re really dumb. Our cat Hunter is tormented by Oliver, but very rarely gives him grief back. She’s made him yelp maybe twice in Oliver’s 3+ years (she was here first). Hunter is a pretty dumb cat, but she has way more experience so that’s something.

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