Targets digestion in the Fore & Hind Gut

Assists with:
Improving the Hind Gut
Relieving moody issues
Fortifying Amino Acids
Improving Appetite
Increasing Digestion
Easing irritability

ULC30EX PLUS £45 – 1 litre

ULC30EX Plus
Have you noticed that your horse is irritable, tetchy and acting out of character? Do you particularly notice that when tightening the saddle strap your horse is uncomfortable?

The most likely cause for this is acid in the stomach. Whilst there are a number of products that target this issue, Ulc30EX Plus is a new product designed to assist in supporting the fore gut and hind gut. It is completely safe to use on all horses including breeding horses and young stock. Other common signs include reduced appetite, looking dull and miserable.

To maintain a healthy horse and support digestion please visit our regular ULCER-EX page

Application & amount to give:
Ulc30EX Plus comes in a liquid form. It can be added to the water, sprayed on the feed or applied directly into the mouth. 25ml for 5 days and then 15ml per day. For foals give 10ml per day.

Ulc30EX Plus is a pure plant-based product. It consists of several herbs without chemical additives. Our combination of scientifically formulated herbal components include:
• G glaba roots • T chebula fruits • P emblica fruits • T bellirica fruits • T cordifolia • A aspera plant • C rotundus roots • Amino Acids

I definitely saw an improvement in my horse this morning after giving it to him last night.  I gave him another small 25ml of ulc30ex Plus this morning and got the same reaction – eating well within 10 mins.  Over the next half hour his face changed, he was engaging with me, the posturing to get comfortable almost gone and a keen interest in food.

Amanda Martin, S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses

A top vet says…. “I see racehorses in the Curragh area showing signs such as poor form, lack of thrive, reduced appetite and water intake, consequently they are impossible to train. These horses are normal on clinical and diagnostic tests and I have found that ULC30-EX Plus supplement dramatically assisted the appetite and water intake in a few days. I have also used ULC30ex plus supplement on foals in our veterinary hospital and have found it of great benefit in maintaining normal stomach functions.”
Paul Traynor, MRCVS, Grey Abbey veterinary Hospital, Kildare Town

Ron. My instructor, Natalie Chapman, recently received her Ulc30ex  Plus sample from you and felt that my horse needed it more urgently than hers. We started to give it to him on Friday afternoon and did not see any great results over the weekend. However, on Tuesday he looked much brighter in his stable, was less agitated and allowed me to groom him all over without too much fuss. He was still a little bit guarded when ridden. Today I caught him fast asleep in his stable – the first time I have ever seen him with his eyes actually shut, an incident with a horse pulling back and breaking a lead rope caused him to jump, but there was no over –reaction (in fact less that I would expect from most horses) and he had a real spring in his step when ridden. His eyes look brighter and he is actually becoming lovely to be around. I can only put this down to the Ulc30ex Plus. I did email you to ask if I should still be giving him Tranquil, which contains Verbena, but have not yet heard from you so have carried on. It seems to be OK, but I am wondering if he might be able to come off it naturally after a week or two anyway. I have ordered more Ul30ex Plus from your website and am looking forward to some happy riding with my boy.
Thank you so much
Caroline Every

Many thanks for your help regarding the ‘ULc30Ex Plus’ and ‘Remount’. All are responding well to the Remount and signs are good. I found the information you supplied me with very interesting and helpful.
Sally Sandesm, Kingstone Lisle Farm, Oxon

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