Detoxing your horse

Detoxing Horses

It’s a good idea to regularly detox your horse, especially during the winter when fresh vegetation is more sparse or during periods when the grass is flushed.

Toxins also present themselves to horses in other ways e.g. air pollution, chemical sprays from nearby agricultural fields, inorganic fertilisers, feeds containing synthetic or chemically  coated ingredients, poor quality forage, medicines, wormers, pain or illness, stress from travel, competition, confinement etc. and old age.

Detoxing can help clear any build up of toxins from the body and enable the liver, kidneys and digestive system to work more efficiently.  It will condition the body, improving health and vitality, support a healthy gut, improve digestion, improve immunity and act as an all round health tonic.

Remount, our best selling liver detox, contains a range of Indian herbs (listed on the product page) which act together to provide a rapid health boost.  In addition to the above, it can also help  if your horse has sensitive laminae during times of rapid grass growth.

We recommend that you detox your horse with Remount, several times during winter and more regularly during the spring and summer e.g. 10 days out of every month or two months.

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