After Calving Supplement

For Assisting all Cows After Calving.

Assists with:
Future Conception Rate
Aiding a Quick Recovery
Fortifying Essential Nutrients
Replenishing Carbohydrates
Optimising Hepatic Function
Strengthening Immune System
Saving Farmers Money

1 ltr – £45.00

After Calving Supplement
After Calving Supplement is for use in cows and helps them to digest and absorb all the essential vitamins and minerals, which they need for healthy bodily functions during stressful times.

After Calving Supplement helps maintain a cow’s immune system when she has just given birth. Normally, after giving birth, cows are very susceptible to picking up toxins, which can lead to many problems with future milking patterns. If the cow gets even slightly down it will be more difficult to get her to conceive in the future.

After Calving Supplement assists liver regeneration and replaces the nutrients, carbohydrates and glucose the cow naturally passed on to her calf helping to increase her deficiencies quickly.

Due to the enormous stress of calving the immune system of a cow will be lowered and she becomes very susceptible to picking up toxins in the blood, which can lead to many problems with the cows future milking patterns. If the cow gets even slightly down after calving she will not perform as she should for the whole of her future milking period. It will also be much more difficult to get her to calve in the future if she is not 100% fit.

It is extremely beneficial for the cow to reduce the possible infection of digital dermatitis and other hoof complaints as these problems are known to affect the cows that are not in a peak condition.

Our goal is to assist the cow after calving to help her overcome the enormous stress as well as additional aid to help her digestion and muscles function normally. After Calving Supplement can also be given to cows to help and assist to maintain optimum secretion and flow of bile from the liver. Adequate availability of bile promotes digestion and assimilation of fat resulting in improved health.

After Calving Supplement will also help to prevent muscle contraction and works in the muscles as an enzyme cofactor that will help to stop the breakdown of glycogen. It is especially designed to help digestion and to optimize hepatic function this assists the recovery after calving and helps the cow quickly back to full recovery.

Application and Dosage
After Calving Supplement is available in powder or liquid which can be added to the feed. It can be included in water or administered directly into the mouth. 50 ml to be given to cows 2 days before calving and 3 days after if possible. It comes in half and 1 litre containers.

The After Calving Supplement contains herbal ingredients to assist and help the liver and contains an entirely natural assembly of specially selected organic plant material not subjected to chemical transformation. The special holistic ingredients are designed to help and assist the liver. Combining these with the mycotoxin binder will definitely help to improve the cow’s blood supply. The amino acids are known to assist the immune system as the cows will require extra carbohydrates. Advanced mycotoxin binder, High-grade carbohydrates, Amino Acids known to help the digestion and immune system.

After Calving Supplement is available in powder form for the inclusion in the feed. It can be included in water or administered directly into the mouth. It can also be mixed with food, water or milk.

It comes in 1 litre containers.

Please note. It is also very important to keep the whole building where the cow is housed clean and free from all types of bacteria fungi and viruses if possible due to the cows immune system being very low. To assist with this problem, please view our Dermaclean page.

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