Digestive Supplement for Calves

Maximises Digestion & Growth

Assists with:
Healthy Digestion
Removes Mycotoxins
Fortifies Essential Minerals/Vitamins
Assists Speedy Growth
Increases Liver Function
Helps Reduce Farmer’s Cost

175 ml – £17.84

500 ml – £29.79

Digestive Supplement
Digestive Supplement helps calves to digest and absorb all the essential vitamins and minerals they need for healthy bodily functions after a stressful birth. Digestive Supplement helps calves to grow quickly and they can usually go on solid food faster than other calves, reducing costs to the farmer. Digestive Supplement also helps the calves other organs and removes mycotoxins and ensures that the animals have the healthiest start to life as possible.

Digestive Supplement powder has also shown fantastic results for sheep and lambs.

Application and Dosage
Digestive Supplement is available in powder form for the inclusion in the feed and liquid form for the inclusion in water and milk or to spray directly into the mouth. It can be mixed with food, water or milk.

Pure plant-based product: several herbal components, without chemical additives. A combination of the following herbal components scientifically formulated produces the required results:

Holarrhena antidysenterica, Aegle marmelos correa, Magnifera induce, Zinziber Officinale, Cuminum cyminun, Trachyspermum ammi, Cyperus rotundus.

Liquid Digestive Supplement:
Available in 175 ml (normally enough for 10 young calves) and 500 ml containers.

Digestive Supplement Powder:
Also available in 25 Kg bags at £5 / Kg


“Continued success with the Digestive Supplement”
P.A.Chapman, Glos

“Have used this successfully on lambs. Good stuff!”
Mrs Parsons, Launcester, Cornwall

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