Kickstart for Calves
For a Better Start in Life

Assists with:
Improving Liver Performance
Helping the Digestive Tract
Reducing Scouring
Showing Immediate Visible Results
Increasing Energy
Aiding the Immune System

£36 – 500 ml

£54 – 1 ltr

Kickstart increases the energy in newly born calves helping them to get on their feet quickly and to begin suckling sooner. When calves start to drink milk, they don’t drink too much but after a few days they have a tendency to over eat. This can lead to scouring. KickStart helps the calf to produce bile, which in turn, improves liver performance and assists the digestive tract. This will aid in reducing scouring.

Kickstart to be given at birth, is designed to assist good gut bacteria and to assist the digestive system in utilising feed. Good utilisation of feed promotes normal regular growth and assists optimum performance. Kickstart helps to maintain general overall health and digestive function.

Kickstart with its unique ingredients and with its special aid to digestion and the immune system helps the calf to help itself. In all trials calves on Kickstart had a much better growth rate against controls.

Application & Dosage:
1-2 measures directly into calf’s mouth for 2 days.

Kickstart Ingredients:
Pure plant-based product: several herbal components, without chemical additives. A combination of the following herbal components scientifically formulated produces the required results:

Boehaavia diffusa, Terminalia arjuna, Eclipta alba, Terminalia chebula, Achyranthes aspera, Andrographis paniculata. Holarrhena antidysenterica, Aegle marmelos correa, Magnifera induce, Zinziber Officinale, Cuminum cyminun, Terminalia ammi, Cyperus rotundus.


I had a calf that was not doing well at all. As soon as I administered Kickstart, I noticed an immediate effect. The calf got to its feet and had a real boost in energy and liveliness. Great product!
Pat O’Hearn, Ireland

Kickstart is fabulous! I am having great results with it.
John Barclay, Maybole

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