Assists with:
Stress Reduction when moving
Increasing Appetite
Efficient Digestion
Vitamins & Minerals General Health
Saving Farmers money

£30 – 1 Ltr

Scourcease helps to metabolise and utilise all feed at the optimum levels in the animal’s tissue to maintain normal gut function, body cell mass and optimum feed conversion.

Application and Amount to Give
Scourcease can be added to the milk, water or feed. For calves give 4-5 measures per day for 3-4 days. For larger animals increase to 5-6 measures.

Scourcease is a pure plant-based product. It consists of several herbs without chemical additives. Our combination of scientifically formulated herbal components include:

H Antidysenterica, Zinziber Officinale, A Marmelos, Magnifera Indica, Cunminum Cyminum, T Am Mini, Cyperus Rotundus.

“Scourcease being an Organically approved product has helped a lot”
Neil Lethbridge, Devon

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