Holistic Poultry Products


Chickens – The Backbone of our Meat Industry

As one of the smallest livestock animals on the farm, many people would be forgiven for thinking that chicks and chickens are a relatively small commodity contributing to a fraction of the meat market. Nothing could be further from the truth as chickens in the UK account to over 50% of our meat production and sales of the meat alone is over £2 Billion. This is not even taking into account egg production figures.

Therefore, it is important to have available a range of products that can help and assist both chicks and chickens in a herbal way so that they don’t build an immunity to traditional medicines and vaccines.

At Ron Fields Nutrition we are striving to introduce new products that help and assist in the following areas; higher egg production, lameness, general health, vitality and faster growth.

Another important area is that of disease prevention as if one chicken has a problem, it can easily spread to infect thousands more.

We are really excited to be working on products that we believe could make the difference to farmers worldwide. If you would like further information or would like to conduct a trial, please feel free to contact us.


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