Layer Tonic – Herbal Liquid Supplement

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£22 – 1ltr

£16.00 – 500ml

£10 – 250ml

What is it?
An exciting, new, natural and fast acting liquid for especially for egg laying chickens (and other poultry). Designed by scientists, our product contains a range of Ayurvedic herbs carefully formulated to work with each other for superb results. This product can be used for only 4-5 days to start seeing good results!

What is it for?
To help chickens (and other poultry) produce and maintain good egg production. It benefits all laying chickens from those kept by small holders to large scale farms, either barn kept or free range.

What does it do?

  • Keeps birds healthy
  • Maintains good egg production through periods of stress such as moving, bad weather, moulting
  • Maintains good egg production during peak egg laying periods
  • Improves appetite and digestion
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Assists with toxins
  • Assists breeding birds to produce fertile eggs
  • Improves chick survival rates
  • Enables your birds to feel well and produce their best eggs

What herbs are in it?
Our herbs are specially selected to keep chickens (and other poultry) healthy and boost their vitality. They also help restore health after illness and maintain a good appetite and digestion. Our herbs are completely safe to use for egg production and consumption and are listed on the EU Feed Materials List. All our herbs are certified as free from heavy metals and pesticides. Safety data sheets are available.

  • Terminalia tormentosa
  • Achryanthes aspera
  • Bohervia diffusa
  • Saccromyces metabolites
  • Tephrosa purpurea
  • Phyllanithus nieuriri
  • Eclipta alba
  • Swertia chiraita
  • Fumaria officinalis
  • Gentiana kurrao

How do I feed it to my chickens? To be given for only 4-5 days.

Available in 1litre, 500ml or 250ml sizes.

For large scale use, measure 250ml per 1000 birds and add directly to their water
For specific advice e.g. for individual or smaller numbers of birds, or for particular conditions, please contact us at Ron Fields Nutrition and we’ll be happy to help.

Does it work?
Try it for yourself and see the results! Results can be seen quickly. We have so many delighted customers with this product, repeatedly ordering it as they are seeing huge benefits to their chickens (and other poultry). Please contact us if you have any queries or want any more information. We’re proud of our products and want you to see the benefits of them too!

Did you know?
We make other products to help keep chickens healthy. If your chickens suffer from red mites or if you need to disinfect your hen houses or nest boxes please get in touch and we’d be pleased to help you.

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