Silent 4 for Poultrysilent4-poultry

£28 – 1 ltr

£7 – 1 kg

Intensive and extensive poultry production imposes certain stresses, which have a potential adverse effect on optimal productivity. Obviously it is in the interest of any poultry producer to reduce the stress levels on his birds thus increasing productivity.

Silent 4 is a safe anti-stress, adaptogenic and anti-oxidant preparation of herbal extracts, which is free from side effects.

Silent 4 enables producers to reduce the adverse effects of this in-built inappropriate response to stress in poultry.

Silent 4 assists the adaptability of the body against stress by maintaining the functions of the adrenal glands and it helps maintain normal resistance.

Silent 4 Ingredients:
Pure plant-based product: several herbal components, without chemical additives. A combination of the following herbal components scientifically formulated produces the required results:

Ocimum Sanctum Linn, Withania somnifera, Magnifera indica, Emblica Officiana, Zinziber Officiana.

Silent 4 is available in 1kg and in liquid form in 1 litre containers

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